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Island Pepperpot: Freda's 10 Top Travel Essentials Tips / and Hacks

Island Pepperpot: Freda's 10 Top Travel Essentials Tips / and Hacks: Freda's 10 Travel Essentials Tips / and Hacks  My Top 10 Travel  Essentials Tips / Hacks Traveling is one of my top adven...

Freda's 10 Top Travel Essentials Tips / and Hacks

Freda's 10 Travel Essentials Tips / and Hacks 

My Top 10 Travel  Essentials Tips / Hacks

Traveling is one of my top adventure and things that I enjoy doing, For me its fun and adventurous to discover and explore new places while traveling both locally and to other world wide destinations. I was talking to my daughter this week about some of the fun places that I have traveled to over the years and realized that there were still some great destinations that I still want to discover some right in my own backyard. some of my favorite places to explore when I travel are local restaurants, bakeries, food trucks and beach bars where you can find locals enjoying their city culture through food. 

Below are 10 of my top travel tips and hacks that I use when I get that travel itch. I hope you can use a few or all on your next trip
1. Book Early:
 Early booking offers you the best bang for your travel bucks. Also, you might get better upgrades on rooms and dining and transfer options if they are available,

2. Book with a Travel Agent: It's great to have a travel agent in your corner. A travel agent works with the supplier, they have inside knowledge of your destinations, they will guide you through the travel process of booking, flights, accommodations, at the best price for your travel budget. They will have the best knowledge of your destinations, flights, packages, and your all your travel needs. The internet or other travel booking site might save you a few bucks, but who are you going to call when you lost your passport or miss your flight? Your travel agent is there for you 24 /7. I highly recommend my friend Linda who has over 30 years experience as a travel agent and operates “ Travel To the Caribbean blog” http://www.travel2thecaribbeanblog.com 

3. Book packages: I find that vacation packages offer you the best bang for your travel bucks, Most packages include accommodations, meals, transfers, and sometimes local excursions and tours. With rates starting from low $799 PP for a 4 day 3-night vacation.

4. Keep it Simple: When packing for travel my motto is to keep it simple, Wear flip flops for your flight it’s easy to take off to go through security and comfortable to wear ( Pack a pair of socks in your carry on just in case it gets cold). I love black or navy yoga pants or other black knit slacks they are easy, wrinkle free and lightweight plus they go with almost anything and you can dress them up or down. Don’t forget to pack plain T-shirts, If you need a blazer wear it on your flight along with your jeans if you must have one. Leave the jewelry at home. (You could buy some locally made jewelry at your destination to spice up your outfits and on your return give them away as gifts). If you must carry jewelry use a pill or contact case to store your smaller items such as earrings. A back pack is a travel must, great for safety, with lots of space and compartments, they are easy to carry, and are great as a carry-on.

5. Fold your clothes inside your suitcase you will be able to fit more in your suitcase, Also keep outfits together you can roll a t.shirt together with a legging and scarf. Keep some fabric softener sheets in your suitcase to keep everything smelling fresh and clean

6. Buy Travel Insurance: Shit Happens!! Your vacation which took you months to plan and a large amount of your money, can be ruin if the unthinkable happens, losing your baggage, missing your flight, getting sick while traveling, or some other natural disaster beyond your control can cause you to lose all the money you spent to book the trip that you might have spent a lifetime to take. Including your reservations and tickets. My advice to you is purchase travel insurance when you book your vacation. Speak to your travel agent about this important protection when you start planning your trip.

7.Use a Roll up Tech Case for all your Cords and head phones, Now in the age of Tech we can nowhere without our phonesipads, and other tech gadgets, and they can be a nuisance when they get tangles. I find that a roll up tech case works great for keeping all my tech cords together free from tangles and within easy reach.

8. Carry An extra Copy of your passport: Always carry a copy of your passport and keep it in a safe place away from your other items. ( Back pocket, inside the under sole of your shoes in your camera bag,) You just never know when you might lose your bag or the unthinkable happens. Carry extra copies of your credit card leave one at home with a trusted friend or family member also copies of your passport.

9.  Keep your medicine within easy reach by filling a pill case with any medicine that you will need and label them should you need them in an emergency 

10 . Travel with Groups: One of the best ways to travel is to travel with a group, Family members, friends, co-workers make great groups.  You will save a lot on your travel cost since you will be sharing the cost with others in your group including meals, excursions, etc. It is also safe if it's the first time you are traveling or visiting that destination especially if there is a language barrier.

One of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things

that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail

away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails

Freda Gore
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