Tuesday, December 8, 2015

5 Hassel Free Holiday Travel Tips

5 Hassel Free Tips for Holiday Travel,

The holidays is the most fun, memorable and wonderful time of the year for almost everyone, Yet for some travelers Holiday Travel can be downright stressful. For Me Travel should be relaxed and fun, Below is 5 of our Travel Tips that will help ease the stress and put the fun back into your Holiday Travel which is what travel is all about Relaxation, and Fun Let The Party begin !!!
1) Arrive Early, most Airports are a mad house during the holidays so arriving early is crucial, I am from the Caribbean we are more prone to be laid back people. For me I hate rushing so arriving to the Airport Early is important to me, Plus adding the extra lines, security, delayed traffic, and who knows what can come up,

2) Be Prepared for security, Take the hassle out of security lanes by being prepared, I have learned the hard way, “ Big overstuffed bags don’t’ work, Who needs the extra cost for clothes and things you really don’t need, I am loving the Back pack and my small wheeled Carry on case, I keep a small see through tote bag with all my liquids, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, cameras and laptop ready before going through security, no need for going through my bag at the last minute trying to find them, after going through security I place my tote in my Carry on. I remember as a kid traveling through the islands it was like going to a wedding high heels and all, Aren’t nobody have time for that now? My daughter loves flip flops I don’t , however they work great for her going through security, in and out, I love my toms shoes or slip on keds Easy Breezy.

3) Check in online: I love The Triplt app ( My cruise organizer introduced me to the app it allows you to check in on line, alerts you when your flight is delayed or on time, you can upload your boarding pass on to your phone and by pass the long lines at the airport and if you are like me you can also print your paper boarding pass, If you are traveling light you can by pass the check-in counter and go straight to security “ how cool is that”?

4) Pay A little extra for premium or upgraded seat, You are normally placed in the front of the plane with more leg room and bigger seats, making in and out a lot easier when you reach your destination
5) Bring your own snacks, Airport Prices on snacks are crazy high, plus you have to wait in long lines to purchase these items, Especially if you are traveling with kids, They can also carry their own backpacks with their snacks, I normally pack light snacks, nuts, dried fruits, granola bars, something to starve the munchies, unless its starbucks of course , I will arrive early to wait inline for my Grande Chia Late

Do you have a travel tip that works for you and your family that you will like to share, ( If its featured in our newsletter you could win a free gift Certificate ) So feel Free to share in the comment space below


  1. Great tips for making the hassle of flying a little easier, especially about being prepared for security. The flip flops (which I can't wear anyhow) may be a good idea for getting through security easier and faster, but in colder climates you probably want to have your boots with you. I remember years ago when people dressed up for a plane trip. Not the case much anymore.

  2. Thank you Donna for the Comment. And I totally agree with the flip flops not being comfortable in cold weather. Packing a pair of boots is definitely a great idea ( Sometimes I forget that not every one lives in a region with all year sunshine 😀)

  3. Thank you Mr McCool for your comment