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Bermuda Top 5 Must See Travel Spot

Visiting Bermuda? 5 Tourist Spots You Don’t Want to Miss

If a Caribbean cruise to Bermuda is in your vacation plans this year, make time to check out these five top tourist spots. Whether you’re there for the surf and sand, the golf, or the ambience, you won’t be at all disappointed.

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Southampton

The Horseshoe Bay Beach is, hands down, the most popular beach in Bermuda. It is famous for its crystal-blue waters, great surfing, and having a lifeguard on duty from May to September, the height of the tourist season. The beach also offers amenities like vendors who sell drinks and snack foods and rental umbrellas to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

If the beach has a drawback, it’s the fact that it is so popular. Great popularity means large crowds. If you want to avoid sharing the beach with too many other people, plan to get there first thing in the morning.

Port Royal Golf Club, Southampton

Port Royal is known as a high-toned, tough-to-play golf course with great views and an amazing layout. If you want to play here, be ready to part with some money and make your reservations as soon as possible. Oh, and don’t show up in yesterday’s t-shirt. Only shirts with collars are allowed on the green.

Swizzle Inn, Hamilton Parish

If you’re looking for
places to eat during your sightseeing day, you simply can’t leave Bermuda without dining at the Swizzle Inn. The Swizzle Inn is Bermuda’s oldest and most famous pub. Although best known for its signature drink, the famous Rum Swizzle, you’ll also find plenty of restaurant food here including fish chowder, barbecue, and staples of pub cuisine such as fish and chips. Before asking for a refill on a non-alcoholic drink, check with the server to make sure there is no charge. Soda refills are usually free, while refills on ice tea and coffee are not.

Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum, and Zoo

Despite its long name, this attraction’s exhibits inhabit a fairly small campus. This is a great attraction for children or others who may have trouble walking long distances. Aside from enclosures featuring different kinds of marine and land life (look for seals, fish, turtles, exotic birds and monkeys), you’ll also find the first living coral reef exhibit in the world. There are plenty activities for kids of all ages, and the walking paths are clearly marked so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

St. Peter’s Church, St. George

Built in 1612, St. Peter’s Church is the oldest Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere. Even if you’re not religious, you will enjoy touring this building for the architecture and the history. If you have time, be sure to check out the adjoining small cemetery, where you will find headstones dating from the early 1800s. St. Peter’s Church still offers Sunday morning services. It also allows weddings, but these must be booked well in advance. There is no fee for visiting St. Peter’s, but donations are gratefully accepted.

If the only thing you’ve ever heard about Bermuda is the
Bermuda Triangle, you’re missing a fun, laid-back island that contains a wealth of history as well as mystery.

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