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Taste of the Islands: 10 Must Try Caribbean Foods

Taste of the Islands: 10 Must-try Caribbean foods

So you’re headed to the Caribbean and want to experience all they have to offer from the beaches to the cuisine. Caribbean food is among some of the healthiest of all regions and it has roots in Indian, Chinese, European, Amerindian, and African cooking. Don’t miss a thing with our list of the top 10 Caribbean foods you must try.

1. Concha Frita.
Fried conch is available at many of the different islands 2. Roti- Roti comes from many different areas of the world but in the Caribbean it is a flat bread made with ground split peas and local spices. It is often served stuffed with curried meat.
3. Jerk- The real art of Jerk includes marinating meat in a dry rub of a variety of spices and then cooking it in a steel drum or a pit fire to enhance the flavors. Try several different meats prepared this way.

 4 Fried Plantain-
This is a great dish for the less adventurous eaters. Plantain is a fruit similar to a banana that is commonly fried. Order it as an appetizer.
5. Curried Goat- A popular party dish, curried goats is widely available throughout the Caribbean. Often the curry is beefed up with potatoes and jams. Goat tastes similar to lamb, only a bit leaner.
6. Jamaican Ackee and Cod- Widely eaten as a breakfast food, Ackee is a pear shaped fruit whose flesh looks a great deal like scrambled eggs. It is most often served with Cod.
7. Coucou and Flying Fish- If you are headed to Barbados, be sure to check out this dish. Coucou is made from okra, corn meal, and fresh spices. It is generally served with a thick stew and flying fish.
8. Shark and Bake- The burger of the is islands. Shark and Bake is a fried piece of shark meat served on a roll. Top it with garlic, lettuce, tomato, cilantro, or hot sauce.
9. Puerco Asado- This roast pork might be hard to find unless it is a holiday but it is definitely worth seeking out. A suckling pig is roasted whole until it becomes crispy and caramelized. If you can find the real thing, try ordering just a shoulder roast.
10. Macaroni pie- Island comfort food at its best. Similar to the American version of macaroni and cheese, the people of Barbados mix cooked macaroni with cheese and then bake it but they also add garlic, tomato, peppers and other spices. This popular dish is often served with fried flying fish.

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