Monday, November 28, 2011

Tips for Women Traveling Solo

Your Husband and friends are busy. However you still want to take a trip to an exotic destination. Can you go solo? of course you can. I started traveling solo when I was fresh out of High school. My First trip was to Saba in the Dutch Antilles. Granted I was staying with friends on the island. Another memorable solo trip was my college days traveling from upstate Ithaca New York. To Toronto Canada. From those early trips I caught the travel bug and to be honest I enjoy traveling solo for lots of reasons to include. I get to relax and be myself. I go where I want to go no one makes the choices, I can shop as long as I want( My husband hates shopping) I also get to meet a lot of interesting people, where I learn a great deal about their culture and make some great friends in the process. I could list more however I refuse to bore you my readers. So here goes some tips if you are planning to travel solo.
1) After choosing your destination research the Internet for information on vacation packages. I find that packages offer you more bang for your bucks. especially one that includes accommodations, meals, local excursions.
2) Look into booking a room at a bread and breakfast. I booked a room at a bread and breakfast on the island of Barbados a few years ago and the cost was about $ 41.00 per night including daily breakfast.
3) Inquire about hotel neighbourhoods so that you comfortable going out alone. Are they centrally located, safe areas? is there a shuttle bus service so that you can explore on your own?.
4) If you are worried to go solo its okay to join a group, just make sure to choose one with a maximum of 25 people, who travel in one bus and stay at the same hotel.
5) If joining  a group analyze the itinerary carefully. How much free time will you have, do the guides carry a mobile phone just in case of emergency, Ask about Meal seating, is there assigned seating for solo travelers.
As the travel season get's in high gear. I wish you my readers a safe and enjoyable travel season.
By Freda Gore
Tour Host Caribbean Culinary Tours

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