Monday, March 28, 2011

Mother's Day Women's Retreat to St Lucia May 6-9

I am Freda your tour host I operate Caribbean Culinary Vacation, I specialize in unique Caribbean Culinary Vacations & Retreats. I am really excited about our up- coming Mother's Day Women's Retreat to the island of St Lucia on May 6 - 9. This is going to be a fun and excited time as we all know as women we need that special time to share with other women our heart issues. The things that no one understand as a women can, We love the guys in our lives but come on, how can he understand turning 50 and crying your eyes out because you believe every one forgot it was your 50th birthday. As mother's we have so much on our plate, so much to juggle we need that special time just to get away and be our selves to giggle our self silly or just throw our head back and laugh out loud. When was the last time you laugh so hard that you peed your pants. ( just last week my daughter called from school to bring her a change of clothes as I met her in the school lobby she was crying from embarrassment she had peed her pants from laughing at her friends joke) After she left the lady at the front lobby said poor girl wait until she turns 50 and that becomes normal. Ha!! Ha !! if she only knew. So back to our St Lucia Mother's Day Women's Retreat sorry I got carried away. We will spend 4 days 3 nights on the island of St Lucia known for being one of the unspoiled island in the Caribbean, the island is one of the quieter of the Caribbean lesser Antilles, and boast every thing its bigger neighbours have lovely pristine beaches, the only walk in volcano blanketed by tropical rain forest in the region, great tropical resorts, amazing scenery, a shoppers dream and scrumptious tropical dining. As your tour host ( I promise I won't hover) we will enjoy luxurious exotic accommodations at the Fond Doux estate located on a working organic cocoa plantation boasting it's own cocoa to chocolate operations, what better place to have a women's chocolate indulgence. Along with tropical spa treatments, beach picnic, music nights, cooking lessons, local shopping , island excursions with enough time for just relaxation. We keep our group small 8-10 person so every one can get that attentive pampering that they deserve. Our package rates include accommodation, dining, excursions, spa treatments and transfer from and to the airport.

Rates are $ 1999 per person based on double occupancy single occupancy add $ 599 This rate does not include airline tickets. Visit our web site contact Freda by phone 615 609 5421 email


  1. Written well! Money, time and commitment won't allow for my friends and I to enjoy a moment such as you described. We all turn 50 this year~

  2. Thanks for your comment, 50 is a great age, for me it was liberating. never say never time you can always make time you have that control. Money on the other hand you can have if you believe you can have it. sometimes it show's up from unexpected sources.
    Have a blessed day today and keep me posted when you are ready to plan your getaway