Monday, August 23, 2010

Barbados Street Food

Traveling to Barbados? you must check out some of the Island best street food. ( Food made pon de road side). You will find Barbados simplest local food prepared by local cooks all over the Island.

Brighton farmers market in st George is famous for its Saturday morning spread, From delicious breads , fruit jams, bajan fried flying fish, bottled salads, local fruit and vegetable in abundance can be found in its numerous stalls.

Trini Doubles: one can't forget trini doubles found in the car park in worthing Christ Church st michael, Where you will find descendants of Trinidads East Indian indentured labourers serving their famous curries , bread fritters,garlic chickpeas(channa) with their many fruit sauces from mango, tamarind and one can't forget the famous pepper sauce.

Chicken Rita,s : is famous for its fried chicken and home made french fries. Rita,s chicken comes's with rave reviews doing what she does for over 35 years you can find her in Christ church rum shop dishing up her mouth watering chicken plan to wait it,s worth waiting for

Bridgetown Cake stand. I found this cake stand while visiting the Island a few months ago, It is a block away from the public farmers market in the town square, The cakes made by a local lady is to die for. From potato pudding, coconut cake, cassava pudding. buttery sponge loaves and the list goes on all done to perfection.

Oistins fish market is famous for its grilled and fried fish, one can not go to Barbados and not visit ostins fish market. This is what daily catch done to perfection is all about

Although Barbados is famous world over for its beautiful white sand beaches,tropical sights, great rum, friendly people. However you will find the soul of the Island in its street food.