Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dining in Montego Bay Jamaica

Dining in Montego Bay
Located on the north western tip of the island of Jamaica, is the sunny resort town of Montego Bay with its beautiful beaches and pulsating nightlife. Called Mobay by locals, it is considered to be the islands tourist capital and rightly so as Montego Bay boasts all the amenities befitting a resort town. Including an international airport, cruise shipping terminal, luxurious resorts, beautiful beaches, exquisite restaurant and bars, endless attractions and entertainment all year round.

Jamaican cuisine is world renowned for its flavors and taste and many local eateries serve up sumptuous dishes daily to satisfy the cravings of hungry diners. No other town boasts the cadre of restaurants like Montego Bay, from skilled gourmet chefs to home grown self-taught cooks, be prepared to be treated to mouth-watering local and international cuisines daily. You are guaranteed fresh food served daily, fish fresh from the ocean and fresh herbs and vegetables from the land are used in preparing succulent dishes. Dining choices are wide and varied in Montego Bay choose from five star signature restaurants, casual laid back eateries or down to earth street vendors in downtown Montego Bay.

Enjoy fine dining at any of the signature restaurants like the Sugar Mill at the Half Moon Resort, House Boat Grill on the lagoon or Marguerites by the sea for succulent gourmet dishes under the starry Caribbean nights sky. If getting all dressed up to eat isnt your style then tuck into authentic and flavorful Jamaican dishes from any of the many casual restaurants and street vendors that color the resort town landscape. Enjoy succulent jerk dishes at the Pork Pit, sumptuous seafood at Chill Out Hut or delicious hot patties at Tastees. Satisfying your cravings for authentic Jamaican cuisine is not limited to the four walls of a restaurant as you can dive into delectable Jamaican cuisine on the streets of this vibrant city. You dont have to go far to find a soup man, pan chicken or jerk chicken vendor or a shrimp or crab vendor ready to whet your appetite with their mouth watering offerings. Not to be out done is the coconut man serving up a much needed cool down from the pulsating heat of the golden Caribbean sun.

There is something special about Jamaican food, in the way it prepared, in the ingredients used, in the love that goes into and the story that it tells. Get your personal experience on your next trip.