Monday, September 5, 2011

5 Top Caribbean Spring Break Destinations

Is the Caribbean still assessable to Spring Breakers looking for a good time without breaking the bank? With spring break just around the corner, and students looking for the best bang for their buck. There is still lots of great deals to have in the Caribbean for spring breakers.Students just have to know where to look by doing their research to find the best deals. I have put together my list of the top 5 Caribbean Spring break destinations, along with tips on saving on your spring break travel.
1) Jamaica tops for it's cool vibes and signature "No problem man" attitude still makes it one of the Caribbean top Spring Break destination for spring break students, wanting to have a good time. The island boast some of the best students hot spots namely Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.There is an abundant of all- inclusive resorts and budget friendly accommodations. With prices ranging from $ 55 nightly. There is a lot to do in Jamaica from Jamming beachfront night life, trekking some of the islands famed waterfalls,to white river rafting and for the Reggae freak ( Aka My daughter) The not to be missed Bob Marley Museum tour.
2) Bahamas The Town of Nassau is an all time favorite for a lot of spring breakers with great night life , pristine white sand beaches.There is an abundant of accommodations ranging from villas, boutique guest houses, and all- inclusive resorts.
To top this off the low cost to travel to Nassau makes it budget friendly to spring breakers, great rates can be found when flying out from most of the main US airports.
3) Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico know as the island of enchantment, old world charm draws droves of spring breakers each year. Along with the no-passport required makes Puerto Rico a top destination for spring breakers. The town of old San Juan is home to lot's of local history, cozy bars and great night life. The island hot beaches are always humming with vibrant beach bars serving exotic island concoction. There is always great deals on accommodations with an abundant of local hotels & hostile, all- inclusive resorts, and rental villas.
Pureto is also home to some of the greatest Caribbean cuisine, With lots of cheap eats from the local bars and restaurants.
4)Barbados Still one of my top island favourite destination for spring breakers without the crowd. Barbados offers beautiful white Sand beaches, warm tropical climate, great night life, top dining establishments. There is always a lot of fun things to do in Barbados. Depending on your budget, wind surfing, cultural excursions,rum shop hopping ( There is about 1,200 to see, however if you indulge in their tropical offerings have a designated driver)As with most islands Barbados has lots of accommodations from all-inclusive resorts, villas, apartments,and bread & Breakfast.Barbados can be more costly than some of the other islands so early planning is necessary to get the best prices. The last time I was there I paid $ 45 per night for a room at a bread and breakfast located on a great stretch of beach. As with all travel plans, early planning is necessary.
5) St Thomas, Last but by no means least, The USVI is top for spring breakers especially the island of St Thomas. As with Puerto Rico the No- passport required makes it a plus with spring breakers. Along with easy access to travel St Thomas boast great duty free shopping for designer items, lots of water sports, and local excursions. Great beach bar and night life. There is an abundance of accommodations with great prices for smart student planners. Check out my post for " Tips for A Budget Friendly Spring break in Tomorrow post

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